how to configure ProAdjust®

Link to ProAdjust Basics

1.  Determine the torque or force needed for your adjustment, this can be measured with a torque wrench or by pulling on the adjustment with a scale.

Link to Installation Guide

3.  Following the steps in the installation guide, attach the communication cable and the power cable to the power stack.

Teach Pendant

5.  Using the conventional teach pendant, determine and record 3 positions: Upper Limit, Lower Limit, and Adjustment Position. The Power Pack can have more than 1 adjustment position, but, if 1 position is all you need, you’re done!

Link to TorqueChart

2.  Determine the Power Pack needed from the "Torque Chart" or, let us help you find the right power pack for your application and get it installed. Click here for the  Air Pack Force Chart.

Image of Power Pack

4.  Use the default Power Pack settings or enter custom settings to fine tune the power pack to your application.